Financial Planning: Major Financial Challenges You Must Overcome In Life

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It’s maybe challenging to take control of your finances, meanwhile, set aside money for savings when you have lots of bills and expenses to pay, every now and then. But if you’re focused and determined to achieve a financially stable life in the future, nothing is impossible.


Emergency Fund

Whatever financial difficulties you may encounter in the future, whether it’s for your medical needs, or simply a house and car repair costs, your emergency savings is a huge help to cover these kinds of unexpected expenses. It is one of the most important financial practices everyone should exercise in life.



Many of the younger ones today are interested to venture into the world of investing, but only a few have the courage to invest their money and take the risky journey. Mainly because most of them are hesitant due to constant uncertainties and instability happening in the market today. But according to billionaire investor, Warren Buffet, the key to achieve financial security is to start saving and investing early regardless of the amount of your money.


Retirement Savings

Living in a comfortable life throughout your golden years is one of the compelling reasons why you should secure substantial retirement savings, while you’re still young and capable. Today’s portion of your income can make a significant contribution to your living expenses and essentials when you retire someday.



Fascinating Reasons Why Millennials Should Invest in the Stock Market

Income-driven millennials will likely become multi-millionaire investors in the future. However, venturing into the risky world of investing can be a great challenge for the young generations. Nonetheless, the market sector has higher earning potential among other investment options, below are some of the many compelling reasons why the young demographics must invest in the stock market:

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Easier Access

Apart from global economic growth, the rapid pace of technology advancement has transformed the way we trade stocks, today. Millennial investors can take advantage of the efficient trading tools such as cloud-based software and online trading platforms, developed to provide easier access to investors and keep track their investments anytime, anywhere.


Has a Variety of Safe and Profitable Investments

Alongside with Finance, the Tech sector has been one of the best-performing stocks in the market, for years. In terms of revenue, large companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon are highly recognized as the most dominant tech stocks in the market. As they remain robust and successful despite economic crisis and uncertainties.


A Great Wealth Builder

Saving earlier for stable and financially secured golden years can be the best thing every millennial should learn. For instance, Warren Buffet, widely acclaimed as the richest business tycoon in the investment history was known to have built his fortune by trading in the stock market decades back until to date, following Benjamin Graham’s principles of value investing, according to Forbes.




Repost: Global Markets Rally

Check out the latest stock market performance from LOM Financial, today:

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Markets ended the abbreviated week as a warning of a global slowdown was offset by strong earnings. The MSCI World Index ended the week up 0.07% while the S&P 500 lost -0.21%.


IMF Warns of a Global Slowdown

The International Monetary Fund cut 2019 global growth estimates by 0.2% to 3.5%, citing risks of a more significant downward correction was rising. In the US, the effects of fiscal stimulus are expected to unwind. Mexico experienced a significant downgrade to growth reflecting lower private investment. The high levels of public and private debt mean capital markets should be more sensitive to downturns than they have been historically.


The IMF report mirrors the World Bank January 2019 assessment (published on 1/8/19), which sees headwinds from the removal of accommodative policies that supported the protracted recovery along with more extreme weather events creating challenges in developed and developing countries. Lax credit markets have resulted in a growing number of developing countries holding questionable levels of debt.


Market Wrap Up

Earnings releases have been mixed but strong positive revenues and EPS surprises on Wednesday from Proctor and Gamble, Comcast, and United Tech Corp marked the turnaround that helped bring markets back to levels near the beginning of the week.


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